Electric Motor Replacement on IHI crane

Alatas ServiceField Service, Parts Supply
Crane ManufacturerIHI Wuhan
Crane ModelSS360200-280B

The client’s vessel in need of an electric motor replacement on IHI crane is equipped with 4x IHI Wuhan deck cranes, SWL 36T x 28m radius all type SS360200-280B.

Crane-2 suffered a complete failure and burn-out of the main electric motor. A new electric motor was procured by Alatas and had to be changed out at Vung Tau anchorage in Vietnam.

Job Scope for Electric Motor Replacement on IHI Crane

The crane type SS360200-280B is a slim type deck crane, and there is no space in the crane aggregate room to remove the electric motor, neither through the maintenance hatch or through the crane base column.

The owner of the vessel intended to flame cut a hole into the crane body in order to remove the motor. However, the Alatas Specialist Engineer proposed removing the electric motor through the operator cabin opening.

This required disconnecting the electrical system and complete removal of the crane cab. But it allowed the change out of the electric motor without cutting and damaging the main crane structure.

Alatas supplied a Senior IHI Crane Engineer, technicians and rigging gear and carried out the replacement of the electric motor in a speedy, professional and safe manner.

The damaged electric motor with the burnt windings will be sent to Alatas Electric Crane Repair Shop for rewinding, balancing and varnishing.


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