Deck Machinery Repairs for Bulker

Deck Machinery Repairs for Bulker
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationBeşiktaş Shipyard, Yalova, Turkey
Vessel TypeBulker
Equipment TypeProvision Crane, Hose Handling, Rescue Boat, Windlass

Alatas Turkey sent their experienced engineers to Beşiktaş Shipyard for deck machinery repairs for a bulker. Our multi-disciplined team inspected the deck machinery aboard a bulker and carried out repairs in the field.

Provision Crane

Generally corroded
Crane grease points needed to be lubricated
Two hoisting ropes were damaged.
Corrosion present on hoisting hydraulic motor
Corrosion on the jib piston connection points
Hydraulic valve blocks needed to be overhauled
All corroded areas were painted
Grease maintenance performed
Hoses changed
Hydraulic motor and equipment painted.
Jib piston connection points were painted and cleaned

Hose Handling Crane

Corrosion on slewing hydraulic motor connections visible
on the hydraulic block.
Rust detected on the walkway and handrails of the boom.
Hoisting system had idle hydraulic hoses.
Grease maintenance carried out
Rust removed
Hose connection made

Rescue Lifeboat Equipment

Rust on the electric motor
Aux winch showed rust and 
Aux drum had oil leakage
Hoisting winch showed rust and oil leakage
Bolt needed to be changed
Reels were in bad condition
Bolts changed and rust removed
Rust and oil leakage fixed
Rust removed and painted
Reels condition tested


AFT Mooring STBD side (inner side) had horizontal movement and shook while making a noise
FWD Mooring STBD side shook and made noise
Gear movements were not stable
Gearbox had oil leakage
FWD PORT side had horizontal movement giving off sound and shook while in motion
The sound and shaking issues fixed
Gear movements fixed
Oil leaks have been corrected

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