Deck Crane Maintenance Turkey

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationKuzeystar Shipyard, Tuzla, Turkey
Vessel TypeTweendecker Heavylift
Equipment TypeDeck Cranes

Our client operating a multipurpose tweendecker heavylift vessel required deck crane maintenance in Turkey. Alatas Turkey was contracted to carry out a comprehensive inspection and repair package on the MacGregor deck cranes in Kuzeystar Shipyard in Tuzla.

We assembled an experienced team of engineers from Alatas Turkey attended to the vessel to detect malfunctions and propose solutions.

Inspection Findings

The team observed that the booms moved intermittently, and in Crane #1, it was stopping suddenly. Then our engineer team found that there was sweating on the hoses and at the press points.

Further inspections by the engineers discovered that Crane #1 had a problem with the main gearbox’s dipstick and an oil leak in the main gearbox. They also found that the slewing hydraulic motors were overheated and making noise and the brakes of the second slewing hydraulic motors were not working.

An oil leak was detected in the brake cylinder of the second hydraulic motor and the connection point was broken during the assembly of the new hoisting wire.

The hydraulic motors of the slewing gear of Crane #1 were then removed for maintenance by our team. Finally, the inspections saw that the brake cylinder had been removed for overhaul due to the oil leakage in the brake cylinder of the second hydraulic motor.

Crane 1

  • The wear o rings in the hydraulic motor brake cylinder have been replaced.
  • As the connection was broken, the guide rope was connected to the new hoisting wire and the wire was re-assembled.

Crane 2

  • Failure tracking has been started
  • Pump pressures have been checked
  • Solenoid valve cleaning
  • Valve connections were loose and corrected.

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