Deck Crane Load Test

Deck Crane Load Test
Alatas ServiceField Service, Load Testing
LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Vessel Bulk Carrier
Crane TypeDeck Crane
Crane ManufacturerIHI
Crane ModelDC 0007-5901

Since 2020, Alatas Turkey has been growing their presence in the region by offering Alatas Worldwide’s crane services and global spare part supply chains to customers operating the area.

As one of our Merchant Shipping services, Alatas Turkey was chosen by a client to conduct heavy lift load testing on IHI DC 0007-5901 ship cranes onboard a bulk carrier. A team of experienced engineers were mobilised and sent to the vessel in Istanbul to perform these tests and found the IHI deck cranes to be in good working order.

Job Scope

  • Engineers mobilised to attend to the vessel near Istanbul
  • Firstly tested crane functions
  • Hoisting and luffing brakes were found unplugged, so the team adjusted them before the preparations
  • After our engineers made the preparations, they performed a load test with 36 Tons
  • Heavy lift load test was carried out with 40 tons without any problems

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