Deck Crane inspection in Adana

Alatas ServiceField Service, Inspections
LocationAdana, Turkey
Equipment TypeShip Cranes
Crane ManufacturerTTS
Crane Models3252, 3253, 3254, 3255

Since Alatas Turkey began their operations in 2019, they have attended ship cranes at shipyards and anchorage around the region covering Art, Istanbul, Çelebi, Yalova, İskenderun and Borusan. For this deck crane inspection in Adana, an Alatas Turkey engineer was mobilised to inspect four TTS deck cranes to detect any malfunctions and propose solutions.

Findings for Inspection TTS Deck Cranes

  • The crane was in an overall poor condition 
  • Dates of oil and rope changes were unknown
  • Slewing gears needed maintenance
  • Metal and paint debris on the boom pins were found
  • Stretches were detected when the cranes were in motion
  • Damages in the hose rubbers
  • Sweating in the hoses
  • A mechanical jam while Grab #4 is closing
  • No voltage on the solenoid valve on Grab #2
  • Oil leak in the grab hydraulic tank
  • Water was seen in all grab control units

Alatas Recommendations

  • Change oil and rope lubrication
  • Control torque of the outer bolts
  • Clean and lubricate slewing gear greases with a new one
  • Maintenance for the boom pins
  • Tighten the main distribution fixing bolts
  • Change the protective plastics of hose rubbers
  • Clean the sheaves area and greasing maintenance of the pins

In addition to the TTS deck crane inspection, our engineer also tested the grab of Crane #1.

  • A grab test was performed on Crane # 1 and the M01Q2 Fuse had tripped
  • Our engineer saw that the K4 time relay was defective during the controls and was replaced with a new one.
  • When crane was restarted, the star-delta circuit was not working correctly
  • Later, it was seen that the A1 and A2 coil ends of the K3 Star-Delta contactor were short-circuited and replaced with a contactor taken from the ship

If you require a deck crane inspection in Adana, Turkey or anywhere worldwide, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.


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