Deck Crane Boom Repairs in South Carolina

Deck Crane Boom Repairs in South Carolina
Alatas ServiceField Service, Engineering
LocationCharleston, South Carolina, USA
Vessel TypeBulk Carrier
Crane ManufacturerTsuji – IKNOW
Crane Model30TX26M/R

Alatas Americas was contracted to complete deck crane boom repairs in South Carolina on a rope luffing deck Tsuji – IKNOW crane.

A stevedore crane operator hit the Tsuji – IKNOW 30TX26M/R with another crane causing the damage to the boom. The client called us to carry out the following:

Overview of Deck Crane Boom Repairs in South Carolina

  • Initial assessment 
  • A comprehensive engineered repair procedure 
  • Provide materials 
  • Provide technicians, welders, NDT inspectors 
  • Provide equipment
  • Complete boom repair 
  • Load Test 

Our Field Service team flew out to the site and took the required measurements and these were relayed the information back to the office. With this information, Alatas specialist engineers quickly drew-up a repair procedure package that was approved by Lloyds Register. After approval was attained, we flew over the remaining repair team who completed the deck crane boom repairs in South Carolina and put the crane back into service.

Job Scope

  1. Crane boom to the deck hatch covers removed
  2. Supports for the crane boom applied 
  3. Damaged section cut out 
  4. Installation of newly formed steel section 
  5. Welding + NDT  
  6. Boom reinstalled 
  7. Load test 
  8. Post-load test and NDT inspection 
  9. Repaired boom section painted
  10. Lloyds Register sign off on all repairs and certified the crane back into operation 
  11. Provision of full project reports and demobilization 

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