Davit International Crane Repairs

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Crane TypeMonorail
Crane ManufacturerDavit International
Crane ModelC-GEB. 50

These Davit International monorail crane repairs was for a vessel in the Jurong shipyard. The vessel is equipped with a D-I Davit International, type C-GEB. 50 monorail crane mounted in front of the accommodation.

The extended crane travelling beam was hit by a passing structure, deforming the I-Beam and needed repair. Alatas Singapore attended and dismantled the travelling beam, trolley & bogey and carried out steel repairs as follows.

Job Scope

  1. Portside crab beam: renewed 1.5m of manufactured I-Beam, all weldings passed NDT testing
  2. Starboard side crab beam: hung 1.2m of manufactured I-Beam, all welding seams passed NDT testing
  3. Portside hook garage (hook stopper) re-manufactured and welded into place
  4. Trolley wheel carriage damaged, new frame and bogey wheel manufactured and installed
  5. Travelling gear pinion had two broken teeth: new gear machined and installed
  6. Portside cable and junction box for light, limit switch and load cell were changed
  7. Trolley centre pin and bushing was opened and checked for damage – found in good condition
  8. Crane was reinstalled on board, function tested and overload tested under the supervision of an Alatas Senior Crane Engineer.


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