Damaged Jib Repair in Istanbul

Damaged Jib Repair in Istanbul
Alatas ServiceField Service, Workshop Repairs
LocationInstanbul Anchorage, Turkey
Equipment TypeJib
Crane ManufacturerNMF
Crane ModelDK VS 30028

Alatas Turkey was contracted to repair jib on an NMF DK VS 30028 ship crane. Our experienced service engineers dismantled the damaged crane boom to be repaired in our Alatas Workshop in Instanbul. After the boom removal, the engineers carried out an inspection and found heavy rusting on the jibs and sheaves. The boom mounting bolts were also heavily corroded and couldn’t be removed by hi-torque.

Our technicians carried out work with the vessel captain’s sign-off. The first task was to cut and remove the boom mounting bolts by an oxy-acetylene flame cutter. Then the rusty sheaves connection bolt was cleaned and maintained. Next, our engineers cut and removed the thin boom connection point and rope fixing pin, and they also produced a new connection point and pin. Finally, all rusty parts had cleaned and repainted.

Job Scope for Damaged Jib Repair in Istanbul

  • Risk assessments
  • Crane boom removal and delivery to Alatas Workshop
  • Rust on jib removed and repainted.
  • Heavily corroded bolts and pulleys removed
  • Jib welding and maintenance of sheaves
  • Hoisting rope fixed to the hoisting winch
  • New pin manufactured

 1. Boom was removed to repair and taken to workshop

2. The damaged part was cut and the surfaces were prepared for welding the parts in accordance with the previously planned repair procedure

3. Damaged parts on the boom were renewed

4. All welding operations performed were checked by NDT and Penatran tests

5. After boom maintenance and repair work completed, it was cleaned and painted and made ready for assembly

6. The boom was brought to the ship in the anchorage area by a special ship and assembled

7. Ropes were attached and crane was tested with the customer and delivered in working condition


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