Crane Slewing Bearing Replacement Kuzeystar Shipyard

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationKuzeystar Shipyard, Turkey
Vessel TypeBulk Carrier
Crane ManufacturerMacGregor
Crane ModelGLB3528-2828
Equipment TypeSlewing Bearing

Our team of engineers based in Turkey attended a merchant shipping vessel in Kuzeystar Shipyard for a crane slew bearing replacement. Our client required a crane slewing bearing replacement on Crane #2, which was a MacGregor GLB3528-2828.

Read our Job Scope below for the steps taken to complete the crane slewing bearing replacement and contact us if you would like to discuss work for your crane operations.

Job Scope

  1. Alatas engineers burned slewing bearing bolts with oxygen 
  2. Remove wire ropes 
  3. Remove boom 
  4. Disconnect slip ring
  5. Remove jib and transfer ashore
  6. Remove slewing bearing bolts from the lower part of the crane tower
  7. Conduct Laser Flatness check of base column and underside of slewing column
  8. Install new slewing bearing to the upper part of the crane’s tower and tighten external bolts
  9. Reinstall upper part of tower onboard and tighten crane tower lower bolts
  10. Install crane jib and wire ropes
  11. Crane function and load test


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