Crane Overload Testing

Alatas are experts in crane overload testing. We supply water bags and load cells for both dynamic and static load tests and carry out water bag load testing up to a proof load of 250 ton, and higher on request. The load tests are performed as per Alatas designed protocols, tailored to the individual crane models. A certificate is issued upon successful completion.

We specialise in Deck Cranes, Davits, Life Raft & Life Boat Cranes, as well as load testing of Gangways and lifeboats via water-filled man bags. We also carry out static pull load testing on Hose Handling Cranes, Provision Cranes and Engine Room Overhead Cranes (ER Cranes). And we also carry out load testing of Motor Grabs and Radio Remote Controlled Grabs on board or on land.

Crane health check-ups

Each load test is accompanied by an Alatas Crane Specialist, SOLAS certified and approved for Davit & Life Boat Crane Inspections and annual crane surveys. Our engineers carry out thorough function testing and prepare the crane for load testing.

This can include a full health check-up and crane condition assessment if required. Having a load test accompanied by one of our professional, multi-disciplined & accredited crane engineers ensures that the tests will be conducted in a safe manner, following our detailed and class approved crane load test procedures.

We provide additional services that are not available from most load test suppliers, such as:

  • Pre inspection of crane structure, crane ropes, crane sheaves and hook blocks
  • Testing and adjusting of crane machinery & safeties, including:
    – Limit switches
    – Electric
    – Electronic and hydraulic overload protection equipment
  • Verifying Safe Load Indicators for rated and actual load indication, radius indication and correct alarm settings
  • Setting up the crane for overload testing, including by-passing of overload protection systems
  • Conducting the load test as per the Alatas load test protocol & check-list
  • Recording of crane parameters, such as pressures for SWL and Proof Load
  • Resetting all safeties to SWL to ensure the crane is fully overload protected
  • Taking samples of the crane hydraulic oil and of the crane slewing bearing grease for condition analysis


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