Crane Operator Cabin Refurbishment

Crane operator cabin refurbishment
Alatas ServiceWorkshop Repairs, Field Service
Location Singapore
Crane ManufacturerIHI-Wuhan
Crane ModelH300200-260B

This crane operator cabin refurbishment took place when a client reported damage to the steel sections of crane operator cabin on their IHI-Wuhan H300200-260B deck crane. 

The steel of the operator cabin was in a very decomposed state and when the boom suddenly collapsed, the impact left it with further damages. The cabin was removed from the vessel and offloaded to Alatas Workshop in Singapore for repairs.

Findings from the On Board Inspection

  • Inspection conducted with Alatas and Class Surveyor
  • Most of the steel sections found to be irreparable due to the impact
  • Front and top cabin glass shattered completely
  • Handrails were found crumbled

Job Scope for Crane Operator Cabin Refurbishment

  • Cut and remove the damaged steel sections
  • Supply materials and as per IHI-Wuhan’s original manufacturer specifications cut according to the sizes and fit. Full Arc welding on that operator cabin 
  • Supply round bars and bend to the existing handrail angles and fit. Full arc welding on that operator cabin
  • Alatas Engineer measures the required replacement glass for the cabin. Templates made by matching the sizes of the existing glass
  • Provision of tempered glass as per Engineer measurements and templates. Fit and installation of the new front and top glasses
  • Two coats of marine primer applied and delivered to the vessel for reinstallation

On Board Inspection

Workshop Repairs


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