Crane Control System Upgrade

Region: UK
Service: System Upgrades

The client required a crane control system upgrade to their crane to address the crane’s increase in downtime, which was affecting productivity.

The current control system installed was obsolete, leaving the customer with legislation, breakdown and operational issues and spare parts.

Alatas UK inspected the crane and offered an upgrade package for the control system that would resolve their current downtime issues and resolve future maintenance.

Job Scope for Crane Control System Upgrade

  1. Increase control of the current power pack
  2. Ensure future maintenance of the crane is possible
  3. Ergonomically bespoke cabin designed to requirements
  4. Ensure time frames were met
  5. Offer a competitive package and service support

Work Process

  1. FAT conducted at Alatas workshop consisting of a demonstration of the system
  2. Installation of upgrade on the rig
  3. A full critical load path NDT Inspection of the crane
  4. The in-house crane design team created the repair procedures
  5. The system was commissioned and a SAT was completed
  6. Deployed a purpose-built hydraulic workshop container
  7. The load test was carried out

The system has now had the capability of controlling the current power pack providing a huge cost saving for our client.

Alatas offered to service exchange parts for the current power pack even though the OEM classes it as obsolete.


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