Complete overhaul of cargo cranes

Region: Hong Kong
Alatas Service: Field Service & Parts Supply

During Alatas pre-docking inspection it was found that the hoisting winch frame and boom hinges of both cargo cranes were fully corroded and needed to be renewed.

Several corroded areas on the boom were found which required steel repair, nearly underneath rope guides and the boom head. The hydraulic system also needed a complete overhaul.

Alatas Hong Kong Ltd provided a Field Service Engineer and Crane Structural Engineer from Alatas Crane Designs GMBH during the dry-docking.

In close cooperation with the vessel technical management and the yard, the winches, booms and luffing cylinders and hydraulic pumps and motors were removed.

The winches were fully overhauled in the yard and repair procedures for all structural repairs were produced on-site and the repair followed. All hydraulic pumps and motors were repaired in-house by Alatas Hong Kong.

Job scope

  • Assist yard and clients’ contractors with the removal of boom, hydraulic cylinders, winches, pumps and motors
  • Overhaul of all hydraulic pumps and motors in Alatas Hong Kong Hydraulic Workshop
  • Installation of overhauled pumps and motors
  • Carry out a complete inspection of steel structure including crane base column, slewing column, crane top with winch frames and boom hinges, crane cabin and jib
  • Creating full repair plans for all structural repairs (Alatas Crane Designs)
  • Follow up on all structural repairs
  • Installation of hydraulic cylinders and boom
  • Carrying out of all testing after completion of repair

Alatas provides a turnkey solution with an experienced crane design team and hydraulic workshop. Alatas’ flexibility ensured that the job could be completed in good time and with reliable operation of the cranes.

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