Commissioning of Four Guven Grabs

Commissioning of Four Guven Grabs
Alatas ServiceEquipment Sales and Commissioning
Equipment TypeRadio Remote Controlled Grabs
Model4 x RRCG 12 cbm

A bulk carrier held in Singapore contracted Alatas Singapore for the commissioning of four Guven Grabs. This bulk carrier was in urgent need to replace old and wasted motor grabs on board. As the region’s official Guven Grab Service station, Alatas Singapore supplied four brand new grabs ex stock.

Then the Singapore station arranged the transport and supply on board and dispatched a Guven Grab Engineer to carry out the grab commissioning. For more details, read the job scope found below. Our engineers held a meeting on board with the vessel’s Captain and Chief Engineers to carry out a toolbox talk and discuss the job scope found below.

Job Scope

  1. All four 12cbm Guven grabs had been placed on the main deck
  2. Connect crane hook to wire sling, which is delivered with grab. Then lift the grab.
  3. Connect 2nd crane to the master link of the grab. Start to upright the grab to vertical in the air. Proceed to take out wire sling to use on other grabs and complete up-righting all four units
  4. With the grabs resting on the main deck, open system door. Fit the male plug for electric connection. Then, open ball valve and air filter valve fully. Close system door.
  5. Press the “START” button on the remote control transmitter to turn it on.
  6. Lift the grab and press “OPEN” button on the remote control transmitter to open the grab, working satisfactorily
  7. Open hatch cover and bring down the grab on the cargo hold.
  8. Press the “CLOSE” button on the remote control transmitter and lift the grab with cargo.
  9. Test the grab with cargo open/close five times and found the test was satisfactory.
  10. Function testing was witnessed by Chief Engineer and Chief Officer and confirmed acceptable.
  11. Park grab on the main deck in the open position.
  12. All other grab commissioning same as 1st grab commissioning.


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