Bulk Carrier Crane Attendance

Alatas ServiceField Service, Inspections,
LocationDubai Dry Docks
Vessel Bulk Carrier
Crane TypeDeck Crane
Crane ManufacturerIHI WUHAN
Crane ModelSS360200-280B

A Field Service team at Alatas Middle East was contracted for a Bulk Carrier crane attendance upon arrival at Dubai Dry Docks. After receiving an in-depth preliminary inspection report from Alatas Turkey, it was down to Alatas Middle East to conduct critical maintenance and load testing on four deck cranes.

The client’s Bulker Carrier is equipped with 4x IHI Wuhan SS360200-280B deck cranes. After reviewing Alatas Turkey’s recommendations, they agreed to our selected work streams under the supervision of the expert engineers from Alatas Middle East stationed in Dubai.

Once the vessel had reached Dubai Dry Docks, the Alatas personnel boarded the vessel, supervised all the work scopes on the cranes, and handed the cranes back to the ship’s crew after a successful load test.

This is another example of how our global stations can work seamlessly with your operations. If you require crane services, inspections or anything else, please get in touch.

Job Scope

  1. Gearbox hoisting winch [overhaul]
  2. Hoisting hydraulic motor – [overhaul]
  3. Luffing hydraulic motor – [overhaul]
  4. Brake band hoisting and luffing winch [liner replacement]
  5. Hydraulic hoses [replacement]
  6. Top housing block sheaves and pin (x4) [inspection and replacement]
  7. Boom sheaves (x4) [inspection and replacement]
  8. Slewing bearing [replacement]
  9. Main relief valve [inspection and overhaul]
  10. Hoisting & luffing/slewing hydraulic pump [replacement]
  11. 2x Boom foot bearings [replacement]
  12. Hydraulic brake cylinder hoisting and luffing [overhaul]
  13. Boom tip [steelwork repairs on boom]
  14. Hoisting & luffing wire rope [replacement]
  15. Load testing of the crane


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