Crane Boom Repair

Crane Boom Repair

After a human error, the boom of Crane-1 fell down to the deck during a routine maintenance procedure.

The boom was caught by the cargo runner, causing the boom to collapse halfway. As well as the serious damage to the boom chords, the boom head suffered significant damage as well.

Alatas was requested to conduct an incident investigation, assist during removal and repair, reinstallation and subsequent testing of the crane. We provided a Service Engineer who remained on-site during the whole duration of the project.

The engineer conducted the investigations, produced all needed reports and followed up during all stages of the repair. The engineer also served as the liaison between the client and their contractors for carrying out removal and was responsible for repair and installation and Alatas Crane Design – Alatas’ in-house structural design department.

Job Scope for Crane Boom Repair

  • Incident investigation to determine cause
  • Assisting contractors for safe removal of boom and transportation to customers’ yard
  • Providing full damage report of boom and crane tower
  • Provision of full repair procedure including
    – description of damages
    – procedure for dismantling of the boom
    – procedure for checking of remaining boom and crane tower for damages
    – parts drawings and welding procedures for new chord and boom head sections
    – painting requirements
    – test requirements after repair including NDT and load testing
  • Carrying out of boom installation
  • Carrying out of testing after completion of repair

As part of the one-stop service for a provider for cranes, Alatas provided all reports and procedures in-house.

Due to knowledge of the local Asian market and long term customer relation, the repair was tailored to the specific clients’ needs: repair conducted in the clients own container yard with his own contractors.


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