Boom Hinge Repair on MacGregor Deck Crane

Boom Hinge Repair on MacGregor Deck Crane
Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationSingapore Anchorage
Equipment Type Bulker w/ Deck Cranes and Grabs
Equipment ManufacturerMacGregor
Equipment ModelGLB 3530-2/2830gr

Our Singapore team carried out boom hinge repair on a MacGregor deck crane aboard a bulker vessel. 

Crane 2 on the bulker vessel had developed damage on the jib foot bearing assembly. The spherical bearing had worn out due to a lack of grease and it had seized on the pin and caused wear in the bearing housing. The boom hinge pin had rotated in the boreholes and the seat at the jib hinge outer plate was entirely worn out and in an oval shape.

Alatas Singapore specialist afloat repair team attended with tools and in-situ machine to carry the repairs. Our team then welded up the worn seat of the boom hinge pin and then installed a line boring machine to allow in-situ machining. The work carried out by our engineers corrected the inner diameter, and all tolerances were restored to original values.  

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Boom Hinge Repair on MacGregor Deck Crane


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