BLM Combined Windlass Repair

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Alatas Marine Engineering Singapore specialises in deck machinery repairs, especially in anchor and mooring winches. They were called in for this BLM combined windlass repair.

Alatas Marine Engineering Singapore was called upon to carry out a full overhaul on two BLM combined windlasses on a dredging vessel while in Singapore for drydock repairs.

The windlasses had deteriorated due to corrosion and a comprehensive refurbishment was required inside Alatas specialised workshop where we carried out work on the port and starboard side anchor winches.

Job Scope for BLM Combined Windlass Repair

  1. Dismantle all winch units from vessel and transport to Alatas workshop
  2. Renew and rework all shaft bushings, cable lifters, cable drum and shaft covers
  3. Service all handles, wheels and moveable control parts
  4. Replace all bearings and seals inside the reduction gearbox and on the input and output shafts
  5. Overhaul the reduction gearbox
  6. Rework, build-up and machine to size the brake friction surface on the cable lifter and cable drum (stainless steel)
  7. Replace all brake linings
  8. Remove, overhaul and re-wind and varnish the electric motor with integrated brake, carry out dynamic testing and balancing
  9. Service the slipping clutch
  10. Rewire electronic controls and switch box, renew junction boxes
  11. Carry out NDT testing on all load-bearing elements
  12. Sand-blast and painting of all components with a 3-layer Marine Paint system
  13. Reinstall on board, commissioning and full function testing

Another repair job carried out by Alatas Marine Engineering Specialists, on time and on budget.


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