Anchor Winch Repairs on VLCC Tanker

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationSingapore Anchorage
Equipment Type Deck Machinery
Anchor / Mooring Winch
Equipment ManufacturerAker Pusnes AS (Aker Solutions)
Equipment ModelStaffa HMC 270 / T / 280 / 80 / V3 / 70
Hydraulic Motor

Alatas Singapore was recently tasked with these anchor winch repairs on a VLCC tanker ship. The oil tanker is equipped with deck machinery from Aker Solutions, and the Staffa HMC 270/T/280/80/V3/70 hydraulic motor on the portside windlass was worn out and needed to be replaced.

Alatas Singapore arranged a windlass specialist, listed engineers and an afloat repair team to carry out the windlass motor replacement with the team working 24 hours around the clock to keep disruption to our client’s operations to a minimum.

Find the full scope of work below and if you require our expertise regarding your operations, in Singapore or worldwide, don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Job Scope

  • Install portable A-frame to assist in removing the old motor and to install the new hydraulic motor
  • Remove and disconnect pipelines from control block.
  • Remove and cut motor mounting bolts and lift down the motor, including control valve block.
  • Remove pinion gear from old motor and transfer to new Motor. Special tools, supplied by Alatas, were needed to remove the stuck and seized pinion gear from the motor shaft.
  • Remove motor control valve block from old motor, serviced it and installed onto new windlass motor
  • Lift up hydraulic motor via A-frame and install into portside windlass
  • Install control block and pipelines with new bolts and O-rings.
  • Fill up the motor casing with hydraulic oil.
  • Remove A-frame and test the windlass with ship crew without load. Check the rotation and speed and found test satisfactory.
  • Check pipeline leakage and found no leak.
  • Hand-over windlass to the crew in fully operational condition.


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