Tobu Jukogyo Grab Overhaul

Tobu Jukogyo grab overhaul
Alatas ServiceField Service
Grab ManufacturerTobu Jukogyo
Grab ModelHSH 120/60 (12/6 M3)

Our client required a Tobu Jukogyo grab overhaul for their vessel which held 4 Tobu Jukogyo EHSH 120/60 (12/6 M3) electro-hydraulic grabs. On all grabs, the hydraulic grab cylinders were leaking and the cylinder pins and grab cylinder eye-pieces were severely worn and out of shape.

Alatas Marine Engineering deployed a team of factory-trained grab mechanics to remove the cylinders and pins when the ship was on anchorage.

The cylinders were sent to the Alatas Marine Engineering Workshop in Singapore for a complete cylinder overhaul. This included chroming of the piston rod and honing of the cylinder barrel. 

New bearing bushes were manufactured and inserted into the cylinder eye-pieces and the cylinders were pressure tested with 240 Bar on the piston side and 120 Bar on the ring side.

The repaired and function tested cylinders then were reinstalled and the grabs where fully function tested and adjusted.

As well as repairing TOBU, FUKUSHIMA, ORTS, KOCATAS and GUVEN grabs, Alatas also is the authorised service station for SMAG Peiner Grabs:


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