Afloat Repairs Singapore

Afloat Repairs Singapore
Alatas ServiceField Service, Afloat Repairs
Crane TypeLife Raft Davit
Crane ManufacturerNorsafe

Alatas Singapore performed afloat repairs on a client’s NYK car carrier vessel to change the slew bearing of the portside life raft davit crane. The Norfsafe NDSC-R-23 life raft davit had been out of order for quite some time and the crane certificate also expired due to the slew bearing failure.

The client made the most of our highly skilled technicians and their ability to be mobilised quickly and directly to the client’s vessel. We are the only crane service company that can guarantee this rapid response for our customers. And our afloat repair team saved time and money by performing repairs without docking.

Our Afloat Repairs Solution

Our technicians lifted the crane using a specially constructed modular A-Frame, that could be assembled onboard without lifting aid. Read the rest of job scope below.

Alatas issued a full-service report, including crane load test protocol and crane certificate in addition to an ILO152 Form 2.

  1. Assembled the A-Frame and shifted to portside from STBD side of vessel
  2. Placed A-Frames on top of davit crane and welded the pad eyes
  3. Secured davit crane by chain blocks
  4. Removed anchor bolts and lifted up life raft davit with slew bearing
  5. Remove slew bearing bolts and bring down the defective slew bearing
  6. Cleaned slewing column and on base column flange surfaces
  7. Re-tapped bolt threads
  8. Removed slewing gearbox foundation bolts and slewing gearbox
  9. Applied new EP 2 grease to the new slewing bearing before installation
  10. Installed new slewing bearing (supplied by client) and tightened all bolts using Alatas-owned torque wrench
  11. Lowered down life raft davit with slew bearing by chain block and installed on the pedestal
  12. Tightened all slew bearing anchor bolts using with torque wrench
  13. Dismantled A-Frames
  14. Tested the operation and slewing lift/right limits, hoist up anti two-block limit, all witnessed by Class surveyor, Superintendent and Captain
  15. Measured new slewing bearing deflection with and without load
  16. Conducted load test and overload test, as witnessed by superintendent and class

If you require afloat repairs in the Singapore area or anywhere in the world, we can help. Please Contact Us with any enquiries.


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