Afloat Monorail Repairs Singapore

Alatas ServiceField Service, Afloat Repairs
Vessel TypeContainer Ship
Crane ManufacturerDongnam
Crane TypeMonorail 12.5ton

One of the world’s largest shipping companies had found major issues on one of their vessel’s 12.5T monorail crane. As a tried and trusted crane service provider for this major shipping company, Alatas Singapore was called in to inspect the damage and perform afloat monorail repairs in Singapore.

Monorail crane experts

When we inspected the client’s container vessel’s 12.5T, approx 45-metre long monorail crane, we observed damage along the full length of the travelling rail rack gear teeth. 

Owners of Monorail cranes often face the same problem of the gear teeth of the geared rack and pinion (or zahnstange in German) becomes worn down and corroded. While the pinion wheel can be easily changed, the geared rack needs to be welded onto the I-beam serving as the travelling beam of the monorail crane. This is can be a complex task as staging and a large amount of welding work is required.

Efficient planning

The container ship only usually stays in port only for a limited period of time, so we set out a plan to complete the entire work quickly on two occasions so not to hold up the ship’s charter.

To perform hot-work in Singapore port, some strict rules and checks need to be adhered to before obtaining the documentation to carry out the work. To save time for the client, all necessary paperwork was submitted in advance and prior approval. Our experience and know-how of port operations meant that the repair work started easily. The repairs were straightforward and performed without any problems or delays. 

Job Scope for afloat monorail repairs Singapore

Please take a look at the steps performed by our afloat service team.

  1. Our qualified Alatas engineers gouged the welding joints of the existing rack gear teeth from the full-length travelling beam.
  2. All sharp and uneven surfaces were ground to a smooth surface by us.
  3. New rack gear teeth supplied by the customer aligned and fit by Alatas engineers.
  4. A chief engineer inspected the new fitted sections before we proceeded with full weld.
  5. Certified Alatas welders carried out full welding in-line with our own established welding procedure.
  6. After the successful welding completion of all 34 sections, the Monorail crane was load tested by transferring spares and provisions.

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