MacGregor 5 Yearly Inspections

Alatas Service: Field Service, 5 Yearly Crane Inspection
Region: Middle East
Manufacturer: MacGregor
Models: GL4525 / 4028 / 3630.3-2

This 5 Yearly Crane Inspection was completed in April 2020 by the Alatas Ship Engineering Services team based in the Middle East. They attended 3x free-standing MacGregor pedestal cranes aboard one of our client’s vessels. 

All three cranes we inspected and overhauled were manufactured by MacGregor and approximately 10 years old:

Macgregor Crane Models:


Our work involved carrying out a 5 Yearly Crane Inspection and 13 sheave change outs on each crane (39 in total).

The hook blocks of the three cranes were also stripped down and new bearing sheaves were fitted.

To finish the job all cranes were proof load tested according to the Lloyds British class specifications.

Job Scope for 5 Yearly Crane Inspection and Overhauls

Please take a look at our full scope of work and gallery below.

  • Preparation of the work pack for overhaul and maintenance procedure as per Lloyds regulations for 5 Yearly Maintenance and submitting to the client for approval
  • Checking and approving of all new crane spares supplied by the client to ensure they meet the requirements by the crane OEM 
  • Attend site and meet with vessels representatives before the work scope and during the work scope, daily meetings were requested by the client
  • Removal of crane wires and sheaves
  • Installation of temporary boom rest for the sheave replacement on crane number 2 and crane number 3 as they are designed as free-standing cranes
  • Supply of specialist tooling and complete all bolt tension checks as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Tension bolts as required
  • Slew bearing condition survey carried out with a detailed report of the condition of the slew bearing and internal roller bearing measurements taken along with backlash gear wear recorded as per the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Reinstall the wire ropes and new sheaves
  • Complete and record all the hydraulic pressures and adjust as required (stall test method used)
  • Function test and calibrate all limit switches as per the manufacturer’s specification adjust as required
  • Load test all three cranes to 50 Tonnes +5 Tonnes of the SWL
  • Return all three cranes back to the client for normal service to resume

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