Spierings eLift Hybrid Mobile Tower Cranes

We recently announced our partnership with Spierings cranes as their South East Asia distributor. In this post, we’re introducing the Spierings eLift Mobile Tower Crane hybrid technology.

Two years ago, Spierings created the City Boy hybrid crane designed for working in the city and residential areas where exhaust and noise emissions are significant factors for construction management. To meet this challenge and others, Spierings’ design team set out the operational requirements for the design of their new range of hybrid cranes.

10 Mobile Tower Crane Design Challenges

  1. Be able to travel on its diesel engine on the road
  2. Be able to run on its electric battery on the road
  3. Use the diesel engine to operate on-site
  4. The ability to operate on-site using its battery
  5. The ability to operate from an external source of power on-site
  6. Be emission-free where required
  7. Competitive lifting capacities with other manufacturers products
  8. Competitively priced with its non-hybrid competitors
  9. Comply with the existing road regulations in Europe and as many countries as possible.
  10. Comply with the highest safety standards in the crane industry.

Introducing Electric and Hybrid Mode

The emission-free eLift system has an electric mode and hybrid mode. Both have an efficient first-line energy source and offer the operator the option to choose between working on electricity or diesel.

The PowerPack® battery technology captures the peaks in energy consumption and is charged when the crane’s energy requirement is low. Using the electric mode, you operate the crane 100% emission-free at a low noise level without limitation in use and capacity.

The emission-free eLift includes:

PowerPack® Battery Technology
11A – 32A mains connection
55 kW diesel engine

For the Spierings eLift hybrid Mobile tower cranes to operate in full-electric mode, it can be connected to a mains connection available on most construction sites. Operators can run the system between 11A and 32A which can be pre-set on the display, leaving energy for other on-site equipment. The excess power from the mains connection is used to charge the PowerPack® battery to absorb the peak power.

A small 55 kW 3-cylinder diesel engine with the latest Stage V emission certification is the primary energy source during Hybrid mode. The diesel engine’s excess energy can also charge the PowerPack® battery.

Because of the success of the City Boy crane, Spierings decided to offer the eLift system on the whole range of Spierings Mobile Tower Crane. These are now available for sale in South East Asia through the Alatas companies stationed across the region.

If you would like to find out more about Spierings eLift mobile tower cranes, Alatas mobile crane services or anything else, Contact Us, call Alatas Asia Head Office on +65 6861 2336 or head to spieringscranes.com for more information.


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