Commissioning of 55ton EOT crane

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationHong Kong
Equipment EOT

Alatas Hong Kong planned and carried out the commissioning of a 55ton EOT crane on behalf of the makers GH at the MTR site in Hong Kong. This EOT (electric overhead travelling) crane is used for mucking operations as well as heavy lifting, man riding applications and will be in operation for 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Job Scope for Commissioning of 55ton EOT crane

The crane was installed 26 meters from ground level, and the site was very constrained, thus requiring detailed planning and meticulous safety measures. The components were transported to the site and assembled on ground level for the lift into final position.

First was the traversing gantry with the supply and control system, followed by the trolley with the winch. After the start-up, function tests, adjustment and test of safeties by Alatas service engineers, the crane was ready for load testing.

The load tests with SWL of 55ton as well as overload with 60ton was carried out with water weights provided by Alatas, which proved to be the optimal solution.

Alatas Hong Kong was also contracted to provide standby, emergency and regular maintenance services for this crane.


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