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Alatas Americas and Alatas Worldwide is now a proud Thern winch and crane distributor. After a careful selection process with other service providers, Thern chose us as a sales and service partner, taking advantage of our 30+ years of experience and 16 global locations.

Thern has built a reputation for manufacturing the most dependable, powerful, and durable solutions for moving loads of all sizes for over 70 years. Their extensive selection of off-the-shelf models and ability to design custom solutions is why customers in various markets choose Thern winches and cranes.

As one of our distributor partners, Thern will have access to our engineering expertise, worldwide supply chains and local knowledge on the ground. In addition, Alatas will arrange supply of the machines themselves, parts and servicing support solutions for Thern’s wide range of winches and cranes.

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Thern Winch and Crane Distributor


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