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BlokCam and BlokAlert, recently acquired by Crosby, are purpose-built hook mounted safety systems designed to improve communication and overall awareness during lifting operations using advanced audio-visual technology.

The BlokCam and BlokAlert

We are a BlokCam and BlokAlert distributor in North America, with the ability to utilise our worldwide network to supply clients anywhere in the world.

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If you’re looking to increase your lifting safety and productivity, Contact Us to arrange a consultation with our experts, who can supply BlokCam and BlokAlert kit and arrange engineers for installation.

SAFETY-FIRST LIFTING from BlokCam and BlokAlert

BlokCam and Crosby recognise the value of keeping the lifting crew and all site personnel safe and operational. BlokCam and BlokAlert are manufactured to assist your operations, making them safer and more efficient.


  • Reduce Hazards
  • Reduce Impacts & Collisions
  • Improve Communication
  • Help Reduce Stress
  • Confirm Load Security


  • Improve Lifting Times
  • Record Results
  • Adjustments and Corrections
  • A Helping Hand
  • Return on the Bottom Line

BlokCam Overview

This wireless camera attaches the hook block of your crane.

  • Each BlokCam kit comes with two batteries that last approximately 14hrs
  • Built-in memory that can store up to 30 days of data
  • Additional modifications such as winch monitor and footswitch to switch between screens


  • Magnetically attached to your hook block, this device provides an audio and visual warning when a hook block is overhead
  • A distinct audio-visual signal is given out for site personnel in the proximity of hook block or load
  • Signal forewarns the workforce to the position and movements of the hook block


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