Certificate for Test and Thorough Examination of Lifting Appliances, ILO 152

Alatas provides 5 Yearly Crane and Lifting Gear Surveys and Load Tests. We also supply our own water bags and cargo gear endorsements in one Complete package

This translates into direct cost savings for crane owners who previously had to engage and pay separate contractors for these various different tasks.

Alatas are an Enterprise of Competence with flag approved Competent Persons. This man we employ multi-disciplined, factory trained Crane Engineers, highly skilled in all kinds of repairs, investigations, troubleshooting of all system faults. Our engineers are experienced in electric, electronic, hydraulic or mechanical systems.

Our Senior Engineers and Crane Inspectors are certified to API 2D level and have category B-1 Competent Person approval from the Norwegian Maritime Authority, permitting us to carry out annual and 5 Yearly Crane and Lifting Gear Inspections and Load Tests as per ILO 152 on behalf of the Flag States.

fully compliant Certification

Alatas is fully compliant with:

  • Norwegian Maritime Authority B-1
  • API 2D
  • ILO 152
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001
  • BizSave Star
  • LEEA
  • IACS UR Z17

Reduced cost of inspections

  • Depending on notation, a class surveyor is no longer needed
  • Concurrent with the inspection, Alatas Service Engineers can inspect and load test all cranes on board

Our crane inspection services include

  • Review of certification and maintenance records
  • Inspection of steel structure & loose gears etc. according to our crane check-up list
  • Inspection and function testing of all main drive components
  • Checking and adjustment of all electric and electronic settings
  • Checking and adjustment all hydraulic settings
  • Full crane function test, ramping time & speed adjustments
  • Measuring the leak-oil amount of all axial piston pumps and motors in order to determine their internal grade of wear
  • Measuring axial clearance of slewing bearing ring
  • Taking slewing bearing grease samples for ferrography analysis
  • Taking hydraulic oil samples for analysis
  • Carry out miscellaneous repair as necessary and possible with board means & time available during the inspection

We inspect And repair

  • Deck-cranes
  • Engine room cranes
  • Provision cranes and lifeboat davits
  • Grabs (we are authorised SMAG-Peiner agent)
  • Winches, windlasses and hatch cover hydraulics

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