Alatas Offshore Crane Upgrades – Order Announcement!

Region: Sicily
Manufacturer: Liebherr
Model: BOS 45/900 DS
Service: Upgrade

Alatas Crane Design and Engineering Division are proud to announce yet another successful bid to upgrade a major offshore crane system.

The upgrade is a follow-on order awarded by EDISON OIL & GAS for the cranes on the VEGA-A platform, located offshore Sicily.

The upgrade involves a complete modernisation of the existing Liebherr BOS 45/900 DS offshore cranes, built in 1986. The installation of the industry-leading Alatas Crane Control & Management System, along with a new cabin, switch gear, sensors, hydraulics and rope winches, will transform this 30 year old cranes into modern offshore cranes, fully compliant with current standards, such as API 2C edition 7 and all European standards.

It features the very latest in crane control system technology, incorporating comprehensive crane data recording, component performance monitoring, maintenance planning and advanced system troubleshooting aids.

The Alatas crane management system is the result of our vast experience in maintaining and repairing major offshore brands, such as Liebherr, MacGregor, NOV, TTS, Seatrex, and our detailed knowledge of their drive and control systems.

The system is recognised as the model of how a modern, top of the range crane management system should function.

We achieve this by taking the strong points of each other the manufacturer’s systems and by omitting their weaknesses. We then combine this with our own, in-depth experience from more than 30 years of servicing, troubleshooting and repairing offshore cranes.

Work carried out on Liebherr BOS 45/900 DS

  • CTS
  • MOPS
  • AOPS
  • LBPS
  • Sector limitation
  • Safe load indication
  • Overload protection
  • Crane load data recording
  • Crane machine data recording
  • Wind speed indication
  • Pump leak oil monitoring and recording
  • Oil condition monitoring
  • Fault finding and diagnosis assistant
  • Installation of a new crane operator cabin
  • Replacement of hydraulic power pack
  • Replacement of sensors
  • Replacement of rope winches
  • Replacement of all hydraulic hoses
  • Upgrading of the crane to be fully compliant for personal lifts

An outline of the Alatas Crane Management System can be requested from your nearest service station.

Our control system simulators are stationed in Houston and Aberdeen for demonstration and training.


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