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18 months ago Alatas became the Spierings distributor for South East Asia. After close cooperation and planning with Spierings, Alatas welcomed the opening delivery of their mobile tower cranes with their arrival in Hong Kong. The first sale was for Gammon Construction’s Hong Kong International Airport project and marks an exciting advancement for construction crane solutions in the region.

This latest partnership with Spierings is a part of our Construction & Industrial services operating from our established stations in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Hong Kong. We are excited to share our expansive network and expertise with Spierings to bring their innovative range mobile tower crane solutions to customers, old and new.

What makes Spierings different

Through this partnership with Alatas, Spierings offer an alternative and novel solution for project managers and crane operators of construction projects in the region. The Dutch company’s mobile tower cranes such as the SK 2400-R and the SK 1265-AT6 offer speed and versatility on top the same lifting capabilities of most traditional tower cranes currently operating in South East Asia.


The SK1265-AT6 is road legal in most countries in the region and can be set up in a short time with the erection or setting down of the jib in approximately 10 minutes.


The SK1265-AT6 is an “all in one” crane. There’s no need for a separate trailer to bring the counterweight, as the counterweight is already incorporated in the machine, automatically extending once the crane was erected. There’s no need a crane lorry for steel pads. These also come with the machine and placed into position thanks to its auxiliary crane.


With a significant outreach up to 60m and a maximum height of 66.2m, a Spierings mobile tower crane does the same work as most large mobile cranes.

Why Spierings chose Alatas

After engineers from Alatas Hong Kong attend Spierings’ comprehensive training courses in Holland, our already experienced personnel possess the knowledge and skills specific to Spierings cranes.

In addition to new these skills, Alatas Hong Kong now holds stock of emergency spare parts to minimise delivery times if any components are required. For this initial contract at Hong Kong International Airport for Gammon Construction, a 5-year service contract to carried out by Alatas Hong Kong has also been agreed to ensure the assigned Spierings cranes will be in operation for the full duration of this highly technical and demanding project.

Jeroen Kerkhoff, Export Sales Representative for Spierings

We’re proud to deliver the first of our cranes to this “state of the art” project in Hong Kong. Here we can show other potential customers the benefits of the revolutionary Spierings concept. Together with Alatas Hong Kong, we will provide local customers with the highest levels of service that customers in other parts of the world have come to expect from us.

Florian Philippeau, the General Manager of Alatas Hong Kong

The sale of Spierings mobile tower cranes into Hong Kong marks a real evolution in the crane market and we thank Gammon Construction and the Airport Authority for allowing us to prove their great advantages and performance for Hong Kong’s projects. Alatas will be here to look after the cranes for the whole project duration to ensure they live up to Gammon’s expectations.

If you would like to find out more about Spierings cranes, Alatas mobile crane services or anything else, contact us, call Alatas Asia Head Office on
+65 6861 2336 or head to for more information.


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