Marine Crane Hoisting Brake Troubleshooting

Marine Crane Hoisting Brake Replacement
Alatas ServiceField Service, Inspections,
LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Vessel Bulk Carrier
Crane TypeDeck Crane
Equipment TypeHoisting Brake

A customer with a vessel in Istanbul contacted us via our website’s contact form and requested a specialist engineer troubleshooting for a marine crane hoisting brake. Alatas Turkey was able to supply an engineer to the customer’s bulk carrier, inspected the marine crane within the week and found the hoisting brakes in poor condition.

Then the Alatas Turkey Engineer held a meeting with the vessel’s Chief Engineer to gather more information on the cause of the trouble. They had detected a problem with the lifting rupture piston and decided to take the faulty component to the Alatas Workshop located in Istanbul. After our workshop team disassembled the hoisting brake, they saw that the release pressure for the piston could not beat the pressure of the spring.

Our workshop team’s solution was to manufacture a 16mm metal plate and place it inside the piston. Once the team reassembled the hoisting brake unit, all function tests were performed after reinstallation on the bulker vessel.

This marine crane hoisting brake troubleshooting took 2 days from the customer’s email. Get in touch if you require our expertise for your cranes or equipment in Turkey or anywhere worldwide.


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