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LocationTuzhne, Ukraine
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An engineer from Alatas Turkey attended a vessel in Yuzhne, Ukraine, for hatch cover inspections. Our globally-based engineers are highly experienced and provide crane and equipment inspections worldwide.

Findings for Inspection of 4 Hatch covers

  • Corrosion found on all hatch covers systems. Systems also ran out of oil
  • Corrosion was also found on hatch cover #1’s wheel stoppers and portside stopper, causing difficulties when opening and closing the hatch cover.
  • Corrosion was present in hydraulic valve control block
  • In general, the hatch covers had lots of corrosion and rust, which led the system to malfunction.
  • Thinning and structural defects were observed in the rubber canals.

Cylinder Inspections

  • Structure of rod bolts had begun to deteriorate due to corrosion
  • Hatch cover piston and hinge endpins were not in the centre and were stuck in one direction.
  • Corrosion was present in hydraulic valve control block, distortion was observed on the connection bolts
  • Hatch cover unable to close due to abrasions on the stoppers and makes noise when the covers are closed

Rubber Canals Inspection

  • The pin at the bottom of hinge end had a gap in its socket
  • Thinning and structural defects were observed in the rubber canals

Alatas Recommendations and Solutions

The team from Alatas Turkey recommended to clean and paint the mechanical parts. In addition, the Alatas Turkey engineer suggested that the parts with corrosion to be cleaned before checking the pins on the piston. For the rusting and structural defects on the cleat system, our engineer advised to renew the cleat system and paint the wheel stopper.

After our engineer raised these points with the client, they agreed for the work to be carried out, which was led by the Alatas Turkey Engineer to the customer’s satisfaction.

If you require inspections for cranes, equipment or anything else in Ukraine or anywhere in the world, we can help. Please Contact Us to find out more.


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