Maintenance Service for Screw Jack system of Bay 2 RH Fuselage Dock (nose area)

Alatas Service  Field Service/ Workshop Repair
Location  Asia/ Hong Kong/ Hong Kong International Airport – Chek Lap Kok
EquipmentDocking Platform  

Two sets of screw jacks were disassembled by the Alatas Service team and Workshop team in order to identify the problem and fix it.


The customer noticed a noise when the docking platform was going up or down


A number of faulty parts were found during the disassembly and inspection of the screw jack system. They have been repaired or replaced as necessary.

Job scope

  • Secure the subject platform to its fixed structure
  • Dismantling of the Gearbox worn gear and the two Screw Jacks (individually)
  • Dismantlement of the Gearbox with couplings
  • On-site examination of the Screw Jacks
  • Inspection of the gearboxes in the Alatas Workshop with couplings and worn gears
  • Replacement of any damaged parts
  • Installation and reassembly
  • Re-assembly

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