Macgregor glb heel pin change

Alatas ServiceField Service, Parts Supply, Engineering
LocationEMEA, Europe, Spain, ALGECIRAS
Equipment TypeMerchant Shipping
Ship Cranes
CranesMacgregor GLB

Intro / summary

Alatas engineered solution and executed heel pin change on Macgregor GLB cranes.

Job scope

Alatas provided firm and decisive engineering planning, which allowed the project to be executed without shore cranes, delays, or safety issues. The project required expert planning to enable the boom to be secured without the requirement of a shore crane. The works included thermal lancing of the pins post disassembly. The repair plans had to be managed through change as weld, and line boring was required. Our technicians then assembled the crane before carrying out commissioning tests.  The repairs were monitored and approved by the client.


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