Mac Gregor deck crane- Hoisting gearbox replacement

Alatas Service  Field Service
Location  Asia/ India/ Kandla Anchorage
EquipmentDeck Crane

CranesMacGregor GLBE 30.526-2/2426gr


Alatas technicians have completed the hoisting gearbox replacement in Kandla’s outer anchorage. The crane utilizes an electrical motor for the hoisting, luffing, and slewing operations, and the speed is regulated by the variable frequency drive.


The client noticed a significant amount of vibration coming from the crane throughout the hoisting process.


After the operation’s inspection, we identified that the vibration was coming from the hoisting gearbox. Alatas personnel examined the gear oil and discovered metal fragments, which showed the gearbox had failed.

Job scope

Replacement of the hoisting gearbox on Crane #3


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