luffing rack exchange

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationAmelia, LA,USA
Equipment TypeDeck Crane / Mast Crane
CranesHuisman OMC400

Intro / summary

ALATAS was contracted to complete an engineered procedure & onsite luffing rack replacement


The crane has been in service for seven years with little downtime and working extensive duty cycles.  The luffing racks were experiencing pressure angle loss and damaging drive pinions. 

Alatas’s solution

Because the client had never executed this type of repair previously, and the replacement took 150′ above the ground, they asked ALATAS to create a replacement protocol. As the representative for Kranunion service in the United States, ALATAS was delighted to assist with the designed replacement operation and entire onsite staff.

Job scope

  • ALATAS was contacted to provide an engineered luffing rack procedure
  • Once issued the procedure, ALATAS was asked to perform the replacement services, turnkey
  • ALATAS mobilized on-site and began the replacement activities as per the procedure.
  • ALATAS & the client Locked out and tagged out the crane.
  • ALATAS removed the luffing drives & gearboxes
  • ALATAS removed the luffing rack pins utilizing thermal lancing
  • ALATAS, with the use of the ALATAS rope access team, lowered the luffing racks to the ground
  • ALATAS switched out the luffing racks on the ground
  • ALATAS hoisted the racks into position and re-pinned
  • ALATAS re-installed the luffing drives and set the backlash as per the OEM requirements
  • ALATAS put the crane back into service
  • ALATAS & the client successfully tested the crane and put it back into operational service

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