Luffıng Control Block Faılure in Samsunport

Alatas ServiceField Service
LocationEMEA, Turkey, Samsun, Samsunport
Equipment TypeShip Crane
Deck Crane Control Block
BrandIHI H305190-240(20°)


Alatas Turkey technicians attended to the vessel and made the checks. They observed that the up line was working but the crane line remained stuck and the brake piston was open.

The technicians dismantled and transferred the control valve block to the vessel’s workshop. They performed further tests and observed deformations and scratches in the spool and its bearings. They cleaned the spool and beds and renewed the O-rings to fix the faults.


Alatas Turkey technicians attended the vessel to fix the failure of the luffing control block.


The Alatas Turkey technicians traveled to Samsun and boarded the vessel. Through the initial inspection, they observed that the up line was working but the crane line remained stuck, and the brake piston opened.

After that, they dismantled the control valve block and transferred it to the vessel’s workshop.

When the technicians examined the separated parts, deformations and scratches were observed in the spool and its bearings.

The technicians observed that the condition of the spring was disturbed, and rust was observed on the inside of the parts. They cleaned the spool and beds, renewed the O-rings to increase the spring tension, and placed a 3mm washer between the spring stopper and the spring. In the controls made when the pieces were collected, they observed that the down line was still stuck, which is due to the deformations in the spool and its beds. For this reason, the Alatas Turkey technicians recommended that the control valve block is replaced


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