Limit Adjustment and Load Cell Replacement in Istanbul, Desan Shipyard

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Technicians from Alatas Turkey attended the vessel to replace the load cell and limit adjustments.


Alatas Turkey technicians handled the requirements for limit adjustment and load cells.


Alatas Turkey technicians made the luffing gear adjustment in the cranes.


  • After arriving at the vessel, the Alatas Turkey technicians got right to work. They adjusted the cranes 1 and 2’s luffing gear.
  • After confirming that they were in good positions, they tested the hoisting limitations. Because a man lift was needed, they were unable to replace the load cell. The indicated load value, however, was 53 T, they observed.
  • The technicians created a slack rope for the hoisting gear and carefully removed the load cell bolt to disconnect the load cell.
  • Alatas technicians connected the replacement load cell module in the same manner as before, and as they got to work resolving the problem, they discovered that they had made the incorrect connection in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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