Life Raft Davit Slewing bearing replacement

Alatas Service  Field Service
LocationASIA/ INDIA/ Hazira Port, Gujarat
Type of craneLife Raft Davit


Recently, we replaced the slewing bearing on the Life Raft Davit with success. We assembled a team, brought equipment from our Mumbai workshop, replaced the slewing bearing, and then conducted a load test.


The Life Raft Davit slewing bearing was reportedly broken and stopped functioning, making it unable to complete the slewing motion.


Prepare tools and a suitable A frame following the crane height, and make plans per the vessel timetable. The electrical connections must be taken out, the davit must be hung up using the chain block as support, the bearing must be disassembled, and the slew bearing must be replaced.

Job Scope

Replace Life Raft Davit Slewing bearing


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