Installation of a refurbished Kenz Crane Winch

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Alatas UK has been assigned the urgent task of conducting a thorough refurbishment of the Kenz EHC 250/4500 O.S Crane installed on a Diving Support Vessel.


The winch unit had not undergone significant maintenance for about a decade, with only minor repairs done. Consequently, in December 2023, Alatas removed the winch during a brief port stop and transported it to the Alatas Bradford Workshop for a comprehensive refurbishment.

Alatas’ Solution:

Following refurbishment, the winch was transported to Leith Port, where Alatas Service Technicians, working in both day and night shifts and supported by an onsite project engineer, diligently completed the safe and timely reinstallation and functional testing of the winch assembly.

Job Scope:

  • Conduct Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) before and after welding on 6 damaged bores, apply weld material to reduce bore size, and conduct post-weld NDT.
  • Utilize a shoreside mobile crane according to an approved lift plan to position the winch.
  • Employ rigging and jacking equipment to ensure alignment at each corner.
  • Perform in-situ line boring to OEM specifications.
  • Clean and inspect bores thoroughly.
  • Utilize dry ice to shrink pins and install them.
  • Construct and install a compound dam for choking.
  • Pour the choking compound and maintain a stable temperature of 30 degrees Celsius using induction heaters to facilitate the curing process.
  • Install and torque M42 hold-down bolts as per OEM specifications.
  • Mount the winch gearbox and motors.
  • Install new hydraulic hoses, applying Denso tape and spiral wrap protectors.
  • Refill the hydraulic system.
  • Conduct functional testing and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Installation of a refurbished Kenz Crane Winch


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