Alatas Turkey technicians went to Spain to attend to the vessel.


The technicians of Alatas Turkey were on the vessel to inspect the crane.


Alatas Turkey technicians made all the testing and observation and made their report based on the results.

Job Scope

During their visit to Algeciras in Spain, Alatas Turkey technicians conducted a thorough inspection of the ship, identifying various maintenance needs. They observed early rust on the jib and recommended cleaning and repainting to prevent further deterioration. Additionally, they advised replacing damaged grease line fasteners for the jib tib sheaves.

The technicians discovered a missing safety latch spring on the hook, which they suggested supplying and repairing for safety. Corrosion on the no. 4 and no. 2 crane hoisting ropes, as well as the slewing hydro motor and gearbox, prompted them to advise cleaning and repainting to maintain functionality.

For proper crane operation, the specialists noted improper luffing joystick connections in cranes 2, 3, and 4, recommending appropriate installation. They found contamination in the oil cooler and recommended chemical cleaning for optimal performance.

Specific issues with individual cranes were addressed, such as suggesting a replacement switch and proper installation for the missing stop button on crane 1. They also advised repainting the poorly conditioned cabin of crane number 2 and repairing rust on crane no. 2’s service gate.

The Alatas Turkey specialists detected corrosion in the hydraulic system line and advised cleaning or installing a new line as necessary. Minor damage on the slip ring bars prompted them to suggest polishing for improved functioning.

Regarding crane operation, they highlighted the need to adjust the hoisting upper limits of cranes 1, 3, and 4. Additionally, they recommended thorough control and adjustment for crane no. 1’s luffing upper limit, which was not functioning correctly.

The technicians also emphasized replacing the poor-condition wiper eraser and renewing all bolts, especially the foot-bearing fixed bolt, which showed signs of rust and corrosion.

Considering the ship’s structural integrity, the specialists suggested cleaning and repainting the rusting tower guardrails and taking care of deteriorating tower sheaves and jib tip sheaves. They advised proper greasing for the no. 4 crane lifting rope to prevent degradation due to a lack of lubrication.

Finally, the Alatas Turkey technicians detected wear on the slewing gear due to insufficient lubrication. They recommended polishing the gears and reapplying lubrication for smooth and efficient operation.

In conclusion, the technicians provided a comprehensive list of maintenance and repair tasks essential for the ship’s optimal performance and safety. Timely attention to these issues would ensure the ship’s longevity and functionality.

The onset of corrosion on the jib

The corrosion in service gate in crane

The luffing upper limit that is not working


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