Managed Crane Contracts

Managed Crane Contracts
Managed Crane Contracts

We offer comprehensive Managed Crane Contract services covering operations and maintenance in the Offshore sector.

We have a strong commitment to technical integrity and operational safety of all Offshore crane types.


Contract Management Staff

We assign an experienced Focal Point to who manages all aspects of the job backed up by back-office support onshore and Field Technicians on site.


Systems and Controls

We have developed efficient systems and processes with a focus on document control, reporting and cost management.


Resident Crane Operator and Technicians

We provide versatile resident field personnel depending on the specific needs of clients, the design and the age of the cranes in scope.


Tailored Maintenance Strategies

We produce tailored maintenance strategies that consider equipment type along with the age and rate of use to provide assured integrity and reliability of repairs.


Spares Management

We invest in mapping the specific components on every crane we manage.

This is part of our market-leading approach offering cost-effective and traceable spare parts and components.


Beyond Design Life Integrity Management

We recognise the need to understand the impact of age and fatigue on cranes and associated equipment.

So we offer a specialist service to ensure integrity requirements are followed in the equipment working close to or beyond original design life.


Rigging Lofts

We offer custom rigging lofts to meet specific requirements on the job.


Lifting Equipment Inspections

We supply independent specialists to complete crane inspections and lifting equipment as part of a fully managed contract offering.

Serviced Equipment

Every year we carry out thousands of service attendances on multiple brands and equipment.

With 30 years of experience, we have acquired a wide range of expertise with offshore cranes and machinery with the added benefits of being an independent service provider – and not a manufacturer.

Find out more about various types of equipment we are servicing by visiting one of the pages below.

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