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Marine Grab
Marine Grab

Alatas provides the full range of services to maximise the safe operation of all types of grabs and material picking machines. 

Our experts attend grabs on location or repair in our workshops across the globe – maintaining marine grabs for all applications in the Merchant Shipping sector.

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Merchant Shipping Grab Services

Take a look at our services for Marine Grabs in the Merchant Shipping sector.


Grab Troubleshooting

Our experienced Engineers can quickly get to the bottom of grab faults on-site or in our workshops.


Grab Lip Alignment

Our engineers and technicians have expertise and tools to maintain grab functionality to keep them performing for longer.


Grab welding repairs

Where significant structural repairs are required, we perform procedures for weld repairs and post-repair, testing and inspection.


Grab Overhaul and Refurbishment

We offer complete grab refurbishment in the field or at one of our Alatas workshops.


grab load testing

We are aligned to all relevant IACS, IMO and government requirements for recertification of cranes and grabs.


grab parts supply

Alatas deliver the full range of parts for various brands of grabs.

Marine Grab brands we are servicing

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