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We specialise in the service of European, Japanese and Chinese ship cranes.

Providing regional services, competitively priced parts, complete with back office engineering support.

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Merchant Shipping Crane Services

Take a look at the specific services for ship cranes in the Merchant Shipping industry.


Ship crane upgrading and modernisation

We upgrade PLCs for ship cranes where existing systems have design issues or have become obsolete.


Dry dockings

With service hubs in local and major dry docking locations, Alatas provide a full range of services to ensure dry dock works are completed on time and within budget.


Sheave, Heel Pin and Cylinder changeout

Multi-disciplined engineers can swap out crane components on vessels or in our workshops.


General Troubleshooting

Our Service Engineers travel to the location of your equipment whenever you need them. With our wealth of experience, we offer practical solutions on-site to keep equipment in operation.


Boom and Structural Repairs

Where significant structural boom repairs are required, Alatas provide procedures, welding, post repair testing and inspections.


Wire rope changeouts

We own wire rope spooling equipment and have dedicated, experienced teams to perform complete large wire rope changeouts.


Load testing

We execute more crane load tests than any other company globally.

Brands we are servicing

Every year we carry out thousands of services attendances on multiple brands and equipment.

With 30 years of experience, we have acquired a wide range of expertise with marine cranes and deck machinery with the added benefits of being an independent service provider – and not a manufacturer.

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