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System Upgrades

Alatas Crane Modernisation Services keep material handling equipment operating safely, efficiently and economically.

Crane owners find themselves with equipment with obsolete electronic and hydraulic drive systems, limited parts availability, outdated safety systems or a lack of support from the original crane manufacturer.

Our Crane Modernisation Services include electronic, hydraulic and structural upgrades and meet the latest Class (ABS, DNV-GL, LR) Certification as well as modern design standards (API, EN 13852).


PLC Upgrades

We upgrade PLCs for ship cranes where existing systems have design issues or have become obsolete.


Safe Load Indicators (SLI)

We provide Safe Load Indicators to cranes where existing systems have obsolescence or design issues.

We also upgrade cranes that do not currently use Safe Load Indicators.


Hydraulic System Modification

We design and supply the components needed to modify hydraulic systems of cranes when they have become out of date or encounter functional design problems.


Structural and Mechanical Modifications

We design and engineer structural and mechanical modifications for cranes.

Serviced Equipment

Every year we carry out thousands of service attendances on multiple brands and equipment.

With 30 years of experience, we have acquired a wide range of expertise with marine cranes and deck machinery with the added benefits of being an independent service provider – and not a manufacturer.

You can find out more about the various types of equipment we are servicing below.

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