In-Situ Heel Pin Replacement

Intro / summary

ALATAS was contracted to provide engineering & an onsite team for in-situ heel pin replacement


The rig maintenance team discovered unusual sounds from the heel pin & bearing.  ALATAS was contacted due to the company’s extensive knowledge of offshore Liebherr cranes

Alatas’s solution

ALATAS offered a fully engineered solution & an experienced onsite team to replace the heel pin, bearing, seals, and secondary components fully in-situ.  This allowed for minimal crane downtime, and the rig was able to keep working while this work was carried out.

Job scope

  • ALATAS was contracted to complete a fully engineered in-situ repair plan
  • ALATAS issued the repair plan and was reviewed by the client and all other parties involved.
  • ALATAS issued the final turnkey proposal for the in-situ onsite work.
  • ALATAS mobilized equipment from its Houston, TX repair facility
  • ALATAS was informed the equipment was in-country before ALATAS mobilized its highly skilled repair team.
  • ALATAS rigged the boom with chain falls and slings
  • ALATAS secured the boom from sliding in any direction
  • ALATAS thermal lanced the pins and jacked them out
  • ALATAS lifted the boom heel section clear of the heel bearings utilizing 50t chain falls
  • ALATAS removed the seized bearings
  • ALATAS checked all tolerances to ensure proper fitment of all new components
  • ALATAS installed the new bearings, seals, nylon, and bolts
  • ALATAS lowered the boom into place and installed the new pins
  • ALATAS de-rigged the crane and put it back into service
  • ALATAS function tested the crane with the client and handed the crane back over.
  • ALATAS demobilized the crew & equipment. 

Repair Procedure


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