hydraulic cylinder repair and testing

Alatas Service  Hydraulic Cylinder Overhaul & Testing  
Location  ALATAS Workshop  
Vessel TypeShips, Platforms, Shipyards, Ports
Equipment TypeMarine Cranes, Deck Machinery, Port Cranes, Mobile  
CranesLiebherr Luffing Cylinders  


Alatas is overhauling hydraulic cylinders on a regular basis and has specialized in cylinder repairs for the marine & offshore industry. We carry out complete cylinder refurbishing and supply of seal sets and spare parts for:

  • Luffing Cylinders for Deck Cranes, such as Liebherr CBW-type cranes
  • Luffing Cylinders and Knuckle Boom Cylinders for Offshore cranes, such as NOV and MacGREGOR AHC Cranes
  • Luffing Cylinders for Hose Handling Cranes
  • Luffing Cylinders for Provision Cranes
  • Hydraulic Cylinders for Life Boat Davits
  • Hatch Cover Cylinders
  • Brake Cylinders
  • Steering Gear Cylinders
  • Boom Cylinders for Mobile Cranes
  • Etc.


ALATAS repairs hydraulic cylinders since 1988. We employ skilled engineers and senior workshop technical personnel that is experienced in all kind of cylinder repairs. To speed up the repair process we have designed our own, bespoke cylinder repair bench that also functions as a cylinder test bench and allows us to fully function and pressure testing of the repaired hydraulic cylinders.


The typical cylinder repair work scope is as follows:

  • Strip down and assessment, including a detailed picture report with recommendations
  • Supply of new cylinder seal set, piston seals, and gland seals
  • Supply of cylinder bearings, hoses, and fittings
  • Overhaul of cylinder locking valve, counterbalance valve, lowering brake valve
  • Chroming of the cylinder piston rod
  • Honing the cylinder barrel
  • Repair and machining of cylinder top gland
  • Repair and machining of cylinder piston
  • Full dynamic function testing and pressure testing on our test bench
  • Issuing comprehensive repair documentation including all material certificates, dimensional reports, and pressure testing protocol

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