EQUIPMENT  NMF-Cargo Crane    
BRANDDK 11 150016/70033 NMF


The Alatas Turkey technicians were on the vessel to renew the hoisting wire rope. The new hoisting wire ropes were initially installed on the No. 1 hatch cover by Alatas Turkey specialists. The technicians removed the hook block’s pin stoppers and soldered the nut to the new wire rope spout. The Crane’s hoisting limit switch was removed, and the new and old wire ropes were combined with the lock. They did maintenance and torch replacements after measuring and checking all spare components.


Alatas Turkey technicians traveled to Kocaeli for hoisting wire rope renewal. The technicians began working after transferring the new lifting wire ropes and Alatas equipment. They completed the task by removing, modifying, replacing, renewing, and assembling.

Job Scope

  • Technicians from Alatas Turkey came to Kocaeli, Derince, to attend to the vessel. Following their arrival, they met with the captain.
  • The new hoisting wire ropes were installed on the No. 1 hatch cover by the ship’s crew. Then, using the No.1 Crane, Alatas equipment was transferred from the port dock to the vessel. Following that, the Alatas Turkey experts removed the hook block’s pin stoppers. They attempted to remove the pin with a sledgehammer, but it would not come out owing to rust. The hook block was placed in a suitable position for rope changing. The nut was then soldered to the new wire rope spout by the specialists. By marking, the technicians removed the crane’s hoisting limit switch, which had been put in the park position. The radanza was then chopped and the new loaf was boiled. They combined the new wire rope and the wire old rope with the lock.
  • Following that, the technicians removed the spare parts from the vessel store and measured and checked all of the spare parts. Because the torch cutting failed, they had to make constant repairs and replace the torch.
  • The process took a long time since the cutting torch utilized was inadequate this is because the pin was made of chromium and other elements. After completion of the cutting process, the technicians cleaned the pin bearing.
  • After an operator was requested from the vessel, the wire rope replacement started.
  • The work done on the wire rope equipment was completed and the old wire rope was dropped from the crane’s escape ladder to the dock. The technicians then fastened the stoppers to the radanza and installed it. The limit switch was then moved to the marked position and installed by the technicians. Following the completion of all work, Alatas Turkey technicians performed function tests, which revealed that all equipment was operational.


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