Hoisting and Luffing Hydraulic Motor Removal In Zonguldak

BRANDIHI H300185-260


Alatas Turkey technicians attended to the vessel for hoisting and luffing hydraulic motor removal. Prior to beginning the process of removing the hoisting and luffing hydraulic motor, they first met with the ship’s crew. The removal and some adjustments came after the technicians completed all the required testing.


The customer contacted Alatas Turkey to remove the hoisting and luffing hydraulic motor.


Technicians from Alatas conducted the necessary removal preparations. Additionally, they connected the hoisting and luffing ropes to a sturdy spot. The motor’s hoses were examined and noted. They replaced all the damaged luffing hoisting and hydraulic motors as needed.

  • After attending the vessel, The Alatas Turkey technicians had a meeting with the crew.
  • Then they started the preparation to remove the hoisting and luffing hydraulic motor.
  • They connected the luffing and hoisting ropes to a strong place for security.
  • Then the technicians checked and marked the hydraulic motors’ hoses of Crane 2 and removed the hydraulic motors’ hoses of Crane 2, luffing the hydraulic motor’s brake linings of Crane 2 and luffing brake pistons.
  • After that Crane no.2 luffing hydraulic motor was removed and transferred to a safe place in the crane and luffing hydraulic motor was replaced with a new one.
  • The relief valves were adjusted and the crane was tested by Alatas personnel. The control block was also examined, and the crane was then tested once again.
  • They moved the jib and didn’t see any problem.
  • The technicians of Alatas TR recommended maintenance to the relief valves and control block in crane no.2.
  • After testing Crane 3, they issued the same recommendations as for Crane 2.
  • Finally, the technicians examined Crane 4 as well and discovered that the hoisting rope was damaged.


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