Alatas ServiceDeck Crane Troubleshooting & Repair
LocationThailand, Singapore
Vessel TypeBulker Vessel
Equipment TypeDeck Crane
CranesTTS-LMG, type KL 35T – 28M


The vessel was engaged in cargo operation at Ko Sichang Thailand, using her gear, when the crew reported issues with the grab stabilizer drum and grab cable drum on crane 1. The owner called for the assistance of one of Alatas Singapore’s Sr. Deck Crane engineers to attend and troubleshoot on board in Kosichang. The problem was identified; the fault was due to defective hydraulic motors on the Stabilizer – and Cable drum winch.

Shortly after that, Crane 4 also developed a defect in the planetary gearbox of the hoisting winch. The gear oil was full of metal sludge, indicating irreparable damage, and a new gearbox was required.

Alatas’ Solution

ALATAS maintains a deck crane spare part stock in Singapore, and a new planetary gearbox, hydraulic motors, and grab accessories were supplied in Singapore. ALATAS’ deck crane repair team attended Singapore Anchorage and carried out the repairs to cranes 1 and 4.

Crane 4, Hoisting Winch Gearbox Changeout:

The damaged planetary gearbox of the hoisting winch was replaced with a new gearbox, part number 5007194, as follows:

  • ALATAS tools & equipment were shifted from the main deck into to crane 4 machinery house.
  • Positioned the rigging gears and appropriately secured, then removed and extracted the damaged gearbox
  • Lifted the new gearbox and positioned it near the hoisting winch. Repositioned & aligned it with the winch drum, then installed the new gearbox into its seating.
  • Tightened the foundation bolts using a torque wrench and Loctite (M24 10.9, 1020 Nm)
  • Reinstalled the rope drum counter flange and tightened the bolts.
  • Installed the hoisting hydraulic motor, connected all related hoses, and filled hydraulic oil into the hoisting motor’s casing.
  • Operated the crane Start /Stop for quite some time to ensure the hydraulic oil fills into the system.
  • Function test has been carried out by operating the hoisting winch up/down several times. Found ok and running smooth.
  • Crane 4 was operation tested in the presence of the chief engineer and found to work well.

Crane 1, Grab Cable Drum and Stabilizer Drum Repairs:

  • Erected stagging at crane boom to gain access to the grab accessories
  • Installed new hydraulic motor for grab stabilizing winch and for grab cable drum.
  • Function tested newly installed motors and found cable drum & stabilizing drum operating well.
  • However, the directional control valve of the Stabilizing winch was found leaking and caused the winch to turn even if it is in a neutral position. This needs to be repaired at the subsequent service attendance.

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